5 Common Client Problems And Ways To Resolve Them

The Five Most Common Problems with Clients and How to Resolve Them

Working with clients give the people a chance to become creative. Freelancing is a common way on how people can work directly with clients, and a good relationship between the clients and the freelancers contributes to impressive outputs. However, there could be occasional problems that might arise between the clients and the freelancers, and they should do everything to resolve it to promote a healthy working environment. Here are some of the most common issues experienced with clients:

1. Stalled content – this happens when a project goes into developmental hell, and the client would have to remind the freelancer about the project. There are no improvements in the project, and it takes months or even years before a new update can be created. This is a bad practice for freelancers because it gives the clients a perception that they are just delaying the projects.

Resolving the issue with stalled content requires a renewal of interest about the project. The freelancer should tell his or her client about their interest in doing the project, and it should be resumed immediately. This can restore the trust of the client towards the freelancer, and they can be given with additional jobs.

2. Angry Client – this is another issue with freelancers, and this problem arises when the client noticed that the freelancer is not doing their job well. They might feel angry because they wanted to vent out, or they wanted to tell the freelancer about the bad practices that they have when working.

To resolve the issue with the client, you have to speak with them directly and ask them politely why they are feeling angry. If the people involved would have an open communication, the feeling of anger can be decreased and the workplace would feel a lot better.

3. Differing Expectation – this happens when the client is expecting too much from the freelancer, and they saw that the result differs from what they are picturing it to be. This can feel disappointing for the client because they have invested in a person that did not make their ideas come to life.

The freelancer can change the mind of the client by doing what they have been told, and showing them that they can deliver. If the client’s expectation are reached, a good working relationship can be established between the two.

4. Disappearing Client – this is a common problem especially if the client was found online. There are clients who suddenly disappear after the project has been performed. The poor freelancers would have to wait for their pay, and there are no guarantees that they can still be paid. Try resolving it by asking the client beforehand if they have an alternative contact info.

5. Too Much Work – freelancers can also complain about the number of work given to them. If they think that they should not deserve being given too much work, they should speak out and tell their clients about it. They can also ask for a raise if they really think that their employees are raising the number of their responsibilities.

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