What Does Your Content Need?

These days, having decent content isn’t up for negotiation. Not just good website content, but blogging and social media, even though with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat it can be overwhelming to know what you should post. Overall, you need to have a content campaign that stands apart on all platforms. But, what are you missing?


Personalizing your content works for any consumer, and if you work around your target market’s habits, activities, and preferences, you will grab their attention faster than if you tried to speak to too many people with one swoop. There is a ton of content out there in the world. Yours needs to stand out. Show that you offer value in words. What can it do for your reader? Explain why what you have will make their lives easier, why your product stands out, or why you can help them. You know who your target audience is, now you need to speak to them, and if being trendy or weird is their gig, then it needs to be yours too.

We are on the go. Who sits in front of a computer to read articles anymore? We have a mobile device for that, and whether we are killing some time in the checkout line or searching for specific information on the couch, we are most likely using our phone. Content is growing because we have more opportunities to read it. So, you need to make it mobile.


To have truly informative content, you need to identify how your content will be used. Will your content be used to provide insight? Give direction? Entice someone to buy? Will it be different on your social media than what you have on your regular website? So many questions. Your content should read how your viewer reads, not how you explicitly communicate. The web content should also not only talk about your business but what it can do for the customer.


Social networks are always evolving. The internet has 3.17 billion users with 2.3 billion active social media users. Good social media copy is not a side item. It is one of the only facets of marketing that can stand alone or work together with the other elements. In any case, businesses realize having a presence on Facebook and/or Twitter is pretty much required to be considered a legitimate company; however, these sites are incredibly useful are for launching a new product, offering deals or coupons, providing links to blogs, and posting photos of products or people in your business.


Visual Content Marketing has taken over the world of commercialization, and this trend is expected to expand even more. What was once just the “graphics” and “content” departments are joining forces to create more stimulating tactics to engage target audiences. They do more than merely complement each other, as in years past. Visual Content Marketing is just as it sounds. Content that is also visual, and visuals that contain content. Interactive videos, fun infographics, quality photos, and sometimes quirky memes and cartoons give web users the information they need with a quick browse.

If your content is not connecting with your audience, you have a problem. Your fundamental marketing goal is to convert your target audience into buyers. Whether that is through blogging, email campaigns, social media, or press releases, your content should reflect your brand and speak to your prospects in each piece.

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