The Times Are Changing, so Change Your Strategy

Many companies struggle with perfecting their message and their brand, and very few can use the same methods for years. Not only does your strategy and media need to work together and be consistent, but it also needs to speak to your audience. A lot has changed in the last several years when it comes to getting your message out. After years of adding social media, pages to your website, and creating new ad campaigns, your brand may be falling flat. Successful brands know how to keep customers interested and stay consistent while providing valuable information.
Just because you hired a great web design firm, came up with some fantastic ideas, and maybe even celebrated your official launch date several years ago does not mean your brand is still working. Your brand should always be a work in progress because tastes, viewpoints, the social conscience, and needs continuously change.
Some things that always evolve are:
Technology is always transforming. Yesterday it was creating mobile websites; now it is about responsive design. Tomorrow it will be something else. If your site isn’t up-to-date, your business looks out-of-date. Your brand and marketing strategies need to keep up with the changing pace of innovation.
Every year, expectations change. If customers don’t find what they want, they leave. If your website isn’t up to date, they leave. Make your website easy for your users to navigate. What was considered “easy navigation” 5 years ago has changed. The same can be said for your strategy. You need to ensure your company is easy for the consumer to access.
It has been all about social media lately, and while it is known that blogs, e-commerce, forums, social media links, and more can look more like an afterthought if thrown onto an existing webpage without much consideration, updating key components and considering new media can make a big difference.
What was relevant to the world five years ago, may not matter now. It may not be “cool” anymore, or even worse, offensive. After years of adding social media, pages to your website and creating new ad campaigns, your message may not even make sense anymore. Your marketing needs to take into consideration the changing landscape of the universe.
Your Business
Lastly, just like marketing tactics and new media, your business is always changing. New employees, new products, or new locations should always be the first thing updated on your website and can be worked into an updated branding strategy. The company you had five years ago isn’t the same organization you have now, so why should your marketing tactics stay the same.

Technology is always transforming. Strategy is always transforming, and innovation is always transforming. Inward Solutions can help your business evolve in the changing landscape of marketing and advertising.