The Solar Eclipse (and the Marketing) Extravaganza

Have you heard? On Monday various parts of the country, including North Atlanta, will experience a partial (total, if you go further north) eclipse. The moon will pass between the Earth and the sun, blocking all or part of the sun, for up to three hours. The last time the United States experienced a total eclipse was in 1979, so needless to say, people are pretty jazzed about it. You can’t go on Facebook these days without someone asking where they can get their eclipse glasses or sharing details about their North Georgia cabin rental.


Businesses have long used anniversaries and commemorative events as inspiration for new ideas and offerings. The most successful campaigns have focused on three core concepts.


Make it Meaningful


Since this is a once (twice?) in a lifetime event, you want to offer something that creates a considerable memory or has a special significance. Whether it is hosting an event or launching an exclusive deal, make it something that creates an experience. You want your target market to remember that moment, look at your product and not only remember the occasion, but your company as well, long after the particular date has passed. Creating a memory is a powerful tool that will stay in the customer’s mind, be shared with friends, and looked at as unique for years to come.


Give Them What They Want

Is it a sale? A new product? Something they’ve never seen before? Many retailers are offering special deals, like Moon Pie cakes at 15% off or eclipse-themed merchandise for 20% off at Zazzle. But, perhaps Krispy Kreme takes the cake with this one by delivering a chocolate eclipse donut. Their trademark glazed doughnut will be doused in a chocolate glaze starting on August 19th. Krispy Kreme just offered something to the world that they didn’t even know they wanted, and people are loving it. I guarantee that by tomorrow, the line will be out the door and Kristy Kreme eclipse donuts will be plastered all over social media.


Be Authentic


Don’t all of a sudden stock up on and start hawking eclipse merchandise if it has nothing to do with your business. Instead, find a niche that incorporates your brand and this happening. If you make a product, and can find a way to alter it for the eclipse, like the eclipse coffee Snake River Roasting produced or the “Total Eclipse Cruise” that Royal Caribbean is providing with none other than Bonnie Tyler singing her hit song “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” then go for it. But, if you are truly at a loss as to how your business can tie in with the day, creating a sweepstakes or just giving a special discount will do the trick.


With all the hoopla, marketers have most certainly noticed, and they aren’t letting this opportunity pass them by, like the moon to the sun. From eclipse viewing parties to brands offering special eclipse deals and products, companies can cash in on this special event.


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