Driven by Creativity.
Powered by Thinking.

Does your marketing firm really “get it”?
Do they respect your needs as a company, and not just their own bottom line?

At Inward Solutions, we want to be your voice. We do that the only way we know how - by diving into your unique challenges and finding the perfect solution. We also don't believe in being strangers - we believe in being partners. We understand that no matter what type of business you have, your business is one of a kind and just maybe will change the world one day. So, we take our job seriously which is to transform your business by telling your story in the best way possible with graphic design, content, development, and everything else in between.

Our People

Some call us focused. Some call us weird. Almost everyone calls us creative and we have heard our passion is legendary. Simply put, we love what we do, and we do what we love. We are artists, bookworms, and musicians that love our kids, dogs, and friends. We follow our instincts when it comes to creating great things. Most of all we are avid believers in producing outstanding work.

Our Process

When we drive to our office in Alpharetta, Georgia each day, we don’t come in for the money. We work so that when the project is completed, we can look at our clients, give them a big high-five and say, “Heck yeah, we did that together!” Our design is never about quantity. It is only about quality. Our branding isn’t about us. It isn’t about what you think is pretty. It is about what your audience finds impossible to ignore.

Our Passion

Have you heard of the “yes” team? Well, we aren’t them. We don’t always tell you exactly what you want to hear, but more of what you need to hear. We see things differently than most people. You could say we are a bit obsessed because good is never good enough. We constantly try to reach excellence. We only sleep at night when we know the product is perfect, because who can go to bed when there is better marketing to be had?


We stress about the perfect sentence and cringe when that perfect sentence is complicated by turning into a page of irrelevant content, or when that flawless graphic is mixed with unnecessary imagery. While we may come up with a million ideas, the final product should never lose the point.

What’s in a logo, a graphic, and a message? An identity. How is that identity created? Brainstorming. At Inward, brainstorming includes throwing things at each other, yelling out silly words, laughter, and maybe some disagreements, but what you get is the best product imaginable.

Obsessive? We call it eclectic. Creative? We call it brilliance. Collaborative? We call it Inward. Our relationships with people are what drives us. Relationships with our peers, and most importantly our clients, only open the door for unmatched design and development.

We brainstorm, write on the whiteboard, throw out keywords, and share doodles until the creativity can’t be contained. We challenge each other to do things right because our work does not only define the individual. It defines our reputation and your business.

At Inward Solutions, we measure success by three questions. Did we make our client happy? Did we create a product that can’t be ignored? Would our client like to work with us again? If the answer is no, then we haven’t done our job.

Is it crazy or genius to think you can change the world with good marketing? At Inward Solutions, we are true believers. Our team leaders in marketing, development, content, graphic design, and digital are impassioned enough to think we can. Just ask our clients.

Looking for a job?

At Inward Solutions, we are always looking for the best talent to join our team. If you are a brilliant and motivated creative professional who wants to be part of an amazing team, view our available careers.

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