Does Your Target Buy Your Cause Marketing?

Cause marketing, that is marketing that intertwines the for-profit business with a charity or social cause, is more popular than ever. From Starbucks changing their cups to red to raise funding for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, to the Buy a Pair, Give a Pair campaign from TOMS and Warby Parker (and several more), businesses across the world have embraced it. And, who can blame them? Being aligned with a cause has proven to be effective in changing the minds of more than just millennials. A successful strategy raises awareness, money, and your company’s brand.
But, there is the danger of your cause marketing not working because you don’t come across as genuine. If you over exaggerate a claim just to seem socially aware, consumers do their research and will likely call you out. So, how can you run an effective campaign, come across as sincere, and reach your goals?
Make Sure You Are Actually Making a Difference
Consumers want to make a difference, through sharing information, volunteering, or when making a purchase. There is a distinct connection between cause marketing and customers because people are more inclined to buy something when they feel like they are “doing something.” Make sure your campaign is actually changing something for the better, and tell your buyers how and why.
Show Who or What Your Business is Helping
Volunteering may take too much time in your target market’s opinion, and maybe they don’t have the funds to make monetary contributions to charity, but everyone needs to buy things. Feeling good about purchasing a product or service that gives back makes it easy for them to be involved. Let them know how they made a difference. Show results as the campaign moves forward through social media or incorporating it into your future ads or press releases.
Only Take on What You Can Handle
If your company doesn’t have the bandwidth to run a full scale cause marketing campaign, tdon’t. Just by doing a promotion to spread social awareness or giving a portion of your proceeds to a cause, your business can make an impact and give a positive impression of a company that believes in being involved in the community. It is not something that works for everyone, but for some that want to brand itself as socially responsible and principled, it could make perfect sense.
Pay Attention to What is Going On
Causes change more quickly than ever. What was a hot-button topic today won’t be front and center tomorrow. Sometimes, a charity can even get themselves into trouble, and the last thing you want is to be aligned with a non-profit that was breaking the law or misusing their funds. Staying aware of the social atmosphere is imperative. The population is paying attention to local and global events. Don’t have a PR nightmare because your campaign is immorally irresponsible at a time of heightened awareness.
Whether it is global warming, anti-bullying, or animal rights, adopting a cause for your company and actively promoting it will connect to your target audience. People care about a company’s authentic side. They want a business they spend their money with to have a cause, but they also demand that it be authentic. Consumers today want to change the world, and they start with their wallets.

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