Spark That Creativity

We have all been there. Stuck in a rut when trying to begin on the next big marketing tagline, website, blog post, or content campaign. Sometimes a product is difficult to work with, and sometimes we just are just lacking inspiration. Everyone from web designers to content writers struggle with this from time to time. The trick is to relax, take a deep breath, and have confidence in your creativity and know that soon the lightbulb will go off.
Below are some key things to consider when trying to spark your creativity.
Surround Yourself with Inspiration
Creative types need to be inspired, and it doesn’t take much. Inspiration is everywhere. But, it helps for a business to cultivate motivation. Why does Google have a slide in their office? Why does AOL have a game room? Because, these companies have embraced that creative ideas thrive in creative spaces.
Know That It Takes Time
How many of us creatives have been surrounded by professionals in a lovely boardroom and asked to come up with “out of the box” ideas on the spot? While I can’t speak for every creative type out there, my brain does not work like that. Trust those creative ideas take time, and no one can force you to come up with them in 2 seconds or less.
Don’t Shy Away from Expressing Yourself
Any creative person works better when they enjoy their job, and a campaign will be better if the team has fun working on it. Keeping your thoughts in a journal, especially in a format where you can quickly write down your plans, can spark inspiration down the line when you are running out of ideas. Even if it doesn’t make sense at first, it breaks through the shell at a later date.
Look for Inspiration in Unexpected Places
Being struck by an idea can happen anywhere, on the way to work, a song listened to in the car, or a thought dreamed about the night before. Music especially can make the imagination flow, and dancing even more so. If your office doesn’t allow dance parties, then take a break and add a little movement and motivation to your Monday.
Relax and Know Great Ideas are Around the Corner
Nothing is going to slow down your thought process more than getting stressed. Clear your mind of your project and start fresh if you need to. Take a walk or talk to a friend, because you never know when a great idea will strike, you just need to know that eventually, it will.

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