Vericor Advertisements

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Vericor is a world leader in gas turbine design, manufacturing, and service, and is the OEM for the TF and ASE series aero-derivative gas turbines, supplies engines, systems and related services for marine, oil and gas, and power generation customers. The Vericor leadership team approached Inward to further their brand and create excitement around their TF50F engine, a new gas turbine that is specifically aimed at the oil and gas pump and gas compression market. For a print ad, Inward decided to focus on the engine and highlight the beauty of all the components, including a large photo of the product with a simple background. As the TF50F is designed to streamline the process of hydraulic fracturing, Inward included the headline, “Hydraulic Fracturing Isn’t What it Used to Be” and added informative content to drive home that the engine offers innovative advantages to the industry. The print advertisement was used successfully in several industry magazines and publications.