Tobermory Ads

When you think about Scotch Whiskey drinkers, most people picture a high-end gentleman, enjoying a glass while relaxing in a dark, leather chair. While some of this may be true, Inward found that both purists and novices alike are attached to traditions yet current with the latest innovations. To create a memorable advertising campaign for Tobermory, Inward sought to create print pieces that gave a nod to appreciating both with a transition from then to now. With a time inspired theme, the photography juxtaposed with a bottle of Tobermory with technology, such as an old cell phone and a new cell phone. A strong tagline stating, “There are things technology can’t improve” makes the statement that perfection can’t be perfected. By reinforcing the idea that an original product is sometimes better than an improved one, the result was a thriving campaign that spoke to target audiences throughout the country.