Northpoint Design

Long time Inward client Northpoint Commercial Finance, a diversified floorplan lender that partners with manufacturers and dealers, has trusted Inward Solutions with a multitude of marketing needs. From print ads to trade show booths, Inward has created campaigns that propel Northpoint forward as a company to take notice of. Inward first designed the logo which graphically communicates the north point with a triangle in a professional gray and purple color grouping. Next, the tagline “At Northpoint, You Matter” was created to further emphasize the importance of the company’s client relationships. After the website, a national advertising campaign for Northpoint Commercial Finance was launched that catches the attention of their target in an unexpected way, centering around the idea that the world is full of useless facts. The concept was to have a funny picture accompany a useless topic, such as awkward silences or the vision limitations of pigs, and have the viewer’s interest sparked. After a little laugh, this person would then get the information they needed about Northpoint’s services. With the success of the fun and quirky campaign, Inward expanded their reach with a new trade show booth. The booth includes two of the print ads, as well as the tagline “Extraordinary Service Should be Standard”. This new display will be used at trade shows throughout the United States and Canada. Most recently, Inward’s graphic design team created a variety of brochures for various industry events, with each speaking directly to dealers and manufacturers of specific equipment.