Northpoint Ads

When most people think of a financial company, they don’t think fun and quirky. Longtime client Northpoint Commercial Finance came to Inward with a need to stand apart from the competition. Wanting to prove that finance isn’t boring, Inward came up with the “Useless Facts” advertising campaign. Focusing on everything from a 1970s hipster and the legal ramifications of eating someone else’s hamburger in Oklahoma, Inward combined awkward, sometimes silly images with futile information. The lower section of the ad would include meaningful information about Northpoint with a strong message. The combination of humorous images with key details demonstrates that the company has a sense of humor, yet can be professional at the same time. The print ads were not created to be funny, but were intended to make people look at them. They were placed in over ten national and international magazines, never the same ad twice, to give readers something new and fresh to look at.