Noctis Design

NOCTIS Technologies, headquartered in South Carolina and Georgia, provides clients like the United States Army and Defense Logistic Agency exceptional military solutions by setting the standard in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art night vision devices. NOCTIS came to Inward Solutions to lead the efforts in rebranding and designing materials that would reflect their authentic mission. After creating the name NOCTIS, for the subsidiary of Carson Industries, Inward moved onto positioning the brand with a strong visual campaign. As the majority of the target audience was undoubtedly decided as being heavily masculine, Inward’s graphic design team picked blue and black colors– masculine and reminiscent of the night– in the NOCTIS logo, collateral, tradeshow booth, and on the website. Images and action shots of the products in use accompanied the confident vibe, playing on the gravity and importance of such a product. The end result has been a successful campaign in a resolute industry.