Music City Skydiving

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Music City Skydiving, a Nashville area skydiving facility, partnered with Inward Solutions for a complete overhaul of their existing website. The team at Music City Skydiving believes that skydiving is more than an item on a bucket list. Stepping through that door at 14,000 feet is a life changing event and Inward wanted to make their new website feel like a life changing event as well, with photos and imagery that really bring the skydiving experience to life. The current website consisted of a primarily black and boxy layout, with minimal pictures, and there were several different fonts throughout the pages. Instead of the boxy layout, the web development team changed the website to a responsive design and took away the black, opting for blue hues instead. Larger, more vibrant photos were added in order to give viewers a more authentic feel for what the skydiving experience is all about, and fonts were streamlined. The new website incorporates the fun, the excitement, and the values of this unique business.