IBC Cocktail Design

Collaborating with Inward on a number of projects brought International Beverage Company, or IBC, back to create a hard-cover cocktail and recipe book highlighting popular beverages throughout the last century. Representing adult beverages from around the world, IBC’s goal with the cocktail book was to highlight the scotches, cognacs and rums they offer in a creative, entertaining and thought provoking way. Inward’s graphic design team searched high and low for compelling imagery for each of the decades and trends represented, including prohibition for the 20’s, wartime in the 40’s, the cultural revolution in the 60’s, greed and Wall Street in the 80’s, and finally modern day technology and the foodie mentality. Font and color choices were carefully selected to complement each era. A photo shoot was held to capture images for each of the drinks in the recipe section, and content was specifically crafted to speak to the time, mindset and fashions of the day. The result is a beautifully crafted book that is part mixology and part history while placing IBC front and center.