Honda Graphic Design

Honda Marine, a sector of the Honda brand that distributes a full line of four-stroke marine engines ranging from 2 to 250 horsepower, came to Inward Solutions to create a sixteen-page booklet. This signature marketing piece needed to maintain the look and feel of the Honda brand, but needed updated content and imagery. The creative design team found large, appealing boating photos that captured the mood of spending a day on the lake. Most importantly, a bold image of one of the Honda engines was used for the cover, highlighting the beauty of the engine design. The blue color scheme applied commonly throughout Honda’s collateral was utilized again for text and highlights. Content was updated to be bolder, punchier, and to grab the attention of the reader; however, the theme that the Honda name is one that you know and trust was emphasized throughout the brochure. In addition to trust, innovation, performance, and power were commonly referred to through copy and photographs. The final result was a beautiful piece, high in quality, that evoked a feeling of excitement and confidence in the Honda marine products.