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HandyTrac provides essential control for apartments, student, and military housing, protecting over 3 million units across over 800 companies. They came to Inward for a new website and an updated look. The previous site had a boxy layout, minimal content, and wasn’t user-friendly on mobile devices. Inward’s web design and development team changed the layout to be more long-form and scrollable, and decreased the number of page links, therefore, making the experience more enjoyable for the user. HandyTrac’s signature colors of blue and yellow were highlighted on the new website as well, this time more prominently as dividers and images on the pages. Content was added to the homepage to help with SEO. The menu was moved to the top and logos of customers were added to show the vast amount of businesses HandyTrac has worked with. A video was included as well as photos of the actual products. Overall, the new website gave HandyTrac a modern look and provided potential customers a much more user-friendly and easy time gathering information.