F.A.B. Ads

F.A.B., a sales, marketing, and procurement cooperative, came to Inward Solutions to launch a new ad campaign. Having completed several successful campaigns including wed design and development, branding, brochures, mobile media, and tradeshows, Inward understood that while F.A.B. may be a larger collection of people, it is the individual that really makes F.A.B. what it is. The creative team came to the conclusion that instead of focusing on a large group, it would be more impactful to place emphasis on individual members.  Key partners were chosen with each one having a brief, introductory narrative included about their life.  At the end of the piece the tagline read, “How do we know this? Because we bothered to ask,” followed by, “Putting the personal back into business.”  The ads also included a photograph of each person. Focusing on the real members, and not having a bland stock photo, adds the observation that F.A.B. takes the time to give each member personal attention. These pieces show F.A.B. members are successful, happy, and most of all relatable.