F.A.B. Design

F.A.B. is a sales, marketing, and procurement cooperative in the foodservice industry providing exclusive services to their members. Annually, they participate in an industry trade show, and Inward Solutions has been creating their tradeshow campaign for several years. For each show, the theme changes making it a fun challenge to consistently create memorable experiences for the show participants. In 2013, it was the Game Changers campaign. Highlighting individuals that were game changers throughout history, the Inward graphic design team created images that were indicative of specific figures, such as an iPod for Steve Jobs and a crown for Julius Caesar. This was done in a cohesive and creative way, making a statement about changing the game. In 2014, Inward focused on strong personalities to go along with the Boss tradeshow theme. A silhouette of each character was hand drawn by the creative team, resulting in thirteen total posters. The following year, the Imagine the Power theme coincided with a merger in the industry. Inward’s development team played upon the “bigger is not always better” mentality, creating four posters with a World War II and French Revolution theme, encouraging unity and purpose. By each tradeshow display including multiple and imaginative posters, the overall campaigns were more effective and created an increased interaction between participants of the tradeshow. Although each theme is different, the message is consistent over the years, highlighting the strengths and values of F.A.B.