Equinox Ads

Equinox, a full-service open-source software provider of library technology, needed an advertising campaign that spoke to very selected demo…librarians. As a company of librarians speaking to their counterparts, they wanted a message that conveyed their desire to help others in their field. Equinox called on Inward to develop a compelling message, as well as the design that would attract this attention. The campaign needed to be simple, but strong and illustrate how Equinox is different than any other open source technology solution. After conducting some research, the team discovered librarians have an affinity for typography. Because of this, none of the 18 lines of words in the ad look the same, and each line was in a yellow, black and white color scheme that made the page stand out even more. Inward highlighted Equinox’s long history, the fact that they are librarians, and that they service the software that they have built. The messaging is informative, and also self-aware with the confident punch making the words jump from the page.