Deanston Ads

Deanston’s gratifying Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskies have been recognized for years internationally for their unmistakable character, but with consumers in the United States becoming more educated about their choices, Deanston needed a strong advertising campaign. Deanston partnered with Inward to achieve this goal. The creative team zoned in on key components of the Whiskey including natural ingredients and clean taste while portraying a degree of quality. The taglines “Don’t mess with perfection” and “Now you can taste a 100% handmade, quality Scotch Whiskey without going to Scotland” bring to life Deanston’s promise of an original Scotch Whiskey experience. The photography brought together by the branding team evoked a feeling of wholesome elements with natural colors while the allure of the rich hue from the whiskey complimented the overall feel. While the advertising campaign is simple and pure, like the brand itself, it still gives off an essence of refinement.