Charted Path Design

Charted Path, a consulting firm focused on cultivating leadership skills for the staffing industry, partnered with Inward Solutions for their rebranding campaign. Wanting to reinforce Charted Path’s vision of direction and leadership, the graphics team chose imagery of a sailing vessel as a metaphor for the direction of the company. A new logo comprising of a clean look and an outline of a compass complimented the graphics. In addition to the new brand being utilized online, on tradeshow booths, business cards, and on brochures, it was purposed for an email campaign promoting, the founder of Charted Path, Mike Cleland’s book, “Behind the Wheel: Driving excellence in staffing operations.” As Charted Path’s prominent message is one of inspiring management to make decisions that not only benefit the company but the people who interact with it, Inward positioned those values in the forefront with the creative team bringing together a brand that conveys passion.