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Longtime client, Charted Path, came back to Inward after the productive launch of their website several years ago, to give their new site an updated look and a focus on the more consultative path the company is taking on. Charted Path, a consulting firm focused on the importance of leadership skills in the staffing industry, believes in building businesses based on improving on strengths in practice and resolving weaknesses. The previous site focused on Charted Path’s skills and passion, and Inward wanted to maintain that and preserve the brand while giving the business more definition. The nautical imagery of a sailing vessel that was used as a metaphor for the direction of the business was used again and aided by a bold compass photo. Building on that, a new headline, “Together we will create change that drives growth,” was created to illustrate the company’s desire to work with leadership, not against it. Callouts on the pages represented the primary message of each section, and content was carefully re-written to convey the enthusiasm of the founder of the organization. As businesses grow and evolve, Inward grows and evolves with them.