Bunnahabbain Ads

To understand a brand like Bunnahabhain, you need to dive into the mind of a Scotch Whiskey drinker. Inward looked into what is important to them. What makes the experience of whiskey unforgettable? Why even drink whiskey? Inward approached the Bunnahabhain ad campaign by delving beyond the exterior of the classic whiskey aficionado, and found that the process of un-chill filtering and the age of the brand are at the heart of what these enthusiasts desire. These attributes became the focus for two Bunnahabhain print ads, with graphics adding rich tones in the photography as a depiction of the product. Dark backgrounds and shadowed bottles added an element of refinement. Content was inserted with headlines that spoke to the true admirer of fine beverages. The advertising campaign was a success thanks to the Inward creative team that absorbed the mindset of this elite consumer.