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Apex is a cloud-based, HR and payroll software solution that prides itself on offering products that are on the forefront of technology. All of their offerings are designed to improve efficiency and profitability; therefore, having a website that matched their modern values was imperative for their business model. First, Inward’s creative team switched out the small, insignificant stock photos with large, vibrant images of the technology or the Apex team, where Inward conducted a professional photoshoot in the office. Punchier taglines and callouts were placed on each page, leading into new, stimulating content. Great attention was given to the “Tour” page, which briefly details each of Apex’s state-of-the-art solutions without getting too bogged down in the technical details. The new responsive website was more in-line with the mantra of the business, as Apex’s passion is passed along through Inward’s web development.