From a start-up company to an established and internationally recognized business, Inward creates a brand you can build upon.

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The Northpoint Story

Northpoint Commercial Finance, with offices in Alpharetta, GA and Burlington, ON, is a diversified inventory finance company that partners with manufacturers, distributors and dealers to provide flexible financing to their distribution channels. Northpoint combines experience with innovative technologies, fresh ideas, streamlined processes and customer focus. By treating customers the way they expect to be treated and by taking the time to get to know each customer, they create customized financial solutions that work.


Northpoint came to Inward as a start-up with the strategy to attack big business. Inward wanted to convey that Northpoint does it better than the competition, that they care, and that customers matter. Inward first designed the logo which graphically communicates the north point with a triangle in a professional gray and purple color grouping. Next, the tagline “At Northpoint, You Matter” was created to further emphasize the importance of the company’s client relationships. Inward’s development team created an effective website and added engaging content. In addition, a brochure, tradeshow banners, mailers, and an advertising campaign proved to be extremely effective in growing the Northpoint brand.

After the initial success of Northpoint’s website and campaigns, they were no longer considered a small, untested company, and Inward’s team realized a fresh approach needed to be taken. No longer was big business the enemy and the focus changed to being perceived as “big business with integrity.” The challenge was to be noticed as a larger company while not losing the appeal of close client relationships.

The Pig that started it all.

The Solution

With the goal of giving them an extra connection to their clients and potential customers, Inward created a video to be included on the website. Both Northpoint and Inward agreed that additional emphasis on customer service and relations needed to be added throughout this video message as an extra way to speak to customers as they grow. The Inward team constructed the video script, produced and directed the video with the strategy that showing the people behind the company would highlight their unique personalized approach.

Storyboards for the northpoint video

In addition to the video, additional updates were made to the website including replacing dated images with larger and bolder photos that have a relaxed, yet modern, undertone. Content was overall decreased and was replaced by punchy callouts. A photoshoot was directed by Inward to feature the key executive members of the Northpoint team with links to their individual bio pages.

Useless Facts for Useful Marketing

Next, the Inward creative team created an updated advertising campaign that was sure to get the attention of viewers. The Useless Facts campaign took awkward, sometimes silly images and made them the focal point of the advertisement. A headline would read a useless fact relating to the photo. For example, a photo of a pig would take up the majority of the ad space, and a headline reading, “Useless fact #72. Did you know pigs can’t look up at the sky?” The lower section of the ad would include meaningful information about Northpoint with a strong message. The print ads were not created to be funny, but were intended to make people look at them. They were placed in over 10 national and international magazines, never the same ad twice, to give readers something new and fresh to look at.

Expansion of a Brand

Tradeshow booths were created using the “Useless Facts” campaign as another way to grab attention and maintain brand consistency. A large, state-of-the-art display was designed with two of the advertisements revealed throughout the booth. To even further promote the campaign, stress balls in the shape of pigs are now utilized as a promotional giveaway. This new display is used at countless trade shows throughout the United States and Canada.

Growing with the Business

Northpoint continued their expansion into the Canadian market by moving into a new office space in Burlington, Ontario. Inward assisted in this growth by bringing in French translators for the website and advertising campaign, as well as constructing several mailers announcing the new office location.

Long-term relationships produce the best product

Northpoint continues to grow, bring on new people, and form strategic partnerships. To further promote the Northpoint name, Inward has written numerous press releases and articles highlighting these achievements and milestones. Inward also manages their LinkedIn profile maintaining a level of brand consistency.

Inward continues to work with Northpoint on all of their marketing needs including developing an online application that allows information to be sent between individuals, and managing the continued expansion into international markets. The Inward team is truly an in-house agency for Northpoint.

“Inward Solutions has been critical in the growth of our business. From the early stages of our company to quickly expanding internationally, Inward’s innovative marketing campaigns have propelled us ahead. Our relationship over the years has become a true partnership, and we look forward to where Inward will take us next.”

- Jeff Collins