What Marketing Trends Aren’t Cool Anymore?

Every year, some nifty new technology comes along that’s all the rage. While some of these innovations make their way into mainstream marketing strategies, others barely get off the ground or are quickly are retired and replaced. Below are five trends that had promising starts, but are no longer allowed to sit at the cool kids’ table.
Influencer Marketing
Is that reality star, who is banking on their 15 minutes of fame, really winning you over? Do you want to buy that teeth whitening kit or protein shake because your favorite Bravo star claims to use it too? This trend is starting to lose steam faster than a break-up on The Bachelor. When this type of marketing started, it gave lesser known brands major exposure as “influencers” with millions of followers exposed businesses to a hard to reach audience. However, as more and more internet stars are hawking goods, it is coming across as inauthentic and borderline disrespectful.
Stock Photos
It isn’t surprising that people love stock photos. They look good, they are cheap (when compared to hiring a photographer), they are easy to get, and there is a massive selection to pick from. Fast forward to today, and the consumer mindset has changed. Customers want authenticity and can spot a stock photo from a mile away. While there are some businesses that can still get away with using them, custom photos and images are vastly preferred.
Pop-Up Ads
These are the worst, right? All you want to do is visit a website and BAM…some annoying, flashy ad is pestering you to check out their sale. Even with the annoyance factor, these ads were popular for a while because they are hard for visitors to ignore. But, in came mobile devices and it turned into a mess, making them more frustrating than ever. In 2016, Google said, “ENOUGH” and announced that it would penalize websites that feature pop up ads when ranking them in mobile search results.
Using automation for marketing isn’t all terrible. It’s just not all great either. Automation is streamlining social media, content delivery, and emails through scheduling platforms. This can eliminate the menial tasks of regularly posting and sending, but it can also backfire. Consumers are seeking more authentic, human-to-human experience and if you get lazy with your automation by not paying attention to your frequency or delivering the wrong content to the wrong people, then you risk insulting and alienating your target audience.
Creepy Personalization
While consumers like to feel as though businesses are thinking of them and personalizing their offerings, they don’t want to be email stalked. Personalized marketing can backfire when companies use information that hasn’t been voluntarily provided by the customer, or when it is evident that the advertiser is using information that has been tracked from online activity. It is impossible to gain the trust of your consumer when you are peeking into their web history.
As a marketer, staying on top of latest trends is part of your job. But, you should never just hop onto the latest marketing idea bandwagon just for the sake of trying to appear cool. Customers today will see right through this phoniness, which could cause them to lose trust in your organization.

Inward Solutions believes in keeping things simple. Our strength is being able to meet with a client, and truly pinpoint what the company needs, with the belief that it is not always about creating the coolest thing, but creating something that works.