Is It Time to Change Your Messaging Strategy?

Some brands can get away with having the same message for decades (think Chick-fil-A and Nike). But, many businesses struggle to perfect their message. While the overall belief is to have a successful business is to possess a strong, recognizable, and consistent brand, if your message isn’t working for you anymore, then it may be time to do an update.


Your sales may tell you your message isn’t working, but thanks to social media, we can usually get an instant idea of how our audience feels about our messaging. If engagement is down, maybe it is time to go another direction. Social media also gives you the benefit seeing how your target feels about your competition. If they are receiving a lot of likes, and you’re not, look for how often they are posting and what they are saying. Don’t copy, but take note.


Your message isn’t just in your tagline. Your messaging strategy is every word written about your company in all media. The headline, tagline, ad content, web content, and social media all represent your business. What people read should be consistent, balanced, and compelling.


If you feel as though your messaging needs to go in a different direction, the first question to ask yourself is why. Why hasn’t your message reached your target audience? Why isn’t it grabbing attention? When you identify what your messaging is missing, then you can work to craft something more efficient.


Identify a Need


Pinpoint why someone may need your product or service and speak to them. Think about your audience. What do they need to know? What are they worried about not knowing? Create the sense that if they don’t continue and read your email/blog/etc., then they will be missing out on something. In this world of message after message, buyers want to read what seems important to them and not waste time on messages that don’t connect. Show that you offer value.


Tell Your Story


Your business has a story, and there is a way to tell it so the reader will connect with it. Be honest. Be authentic. Tell people what you are about. Consumers today are smarter and more informed. The old tricks of pretending to be something you’re not don’t work on buyers anymore. Don’t insult them with simple tactics.


Use Their Language


Don’t speak to your team. Don’t speak to your investors. Speak to your intended customers. If your message is not connecting to your target, then you may as well have blank pages on your website. Use their language. If you are selling technical services, use words they understand as professionals in that industry. However, if you are providing a service that just about anyone can use, don’t overwhelm them with too many industry terms.


A lot has changed in the last several years when it comes to your marketing message. After years of adding social media, pages to your website, and creating new ad campaigns, your message may be falling flat. Successful brands know how to keep customers interested and stay consistent while providing valuable information.

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