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Inward Solutions Launches New Website for Noctis Technologies


NOCTIS Technologies, a subsidiary of Carson Industries, provides state-of-the-art design and manufacturing of tactical systems for clients such as the United States Army and Defense Logistic Agency. The leadership approached Inward Solutions, an Alpharetta web design company, about creating their website. Previously, Inward was responsible for a rebranding campaign, complete with a new NOCTIS name, logo, collateral, and tradeshow booth. With these other projects, Inward’s leadership determined that the majority of the target audience was masculine, educated about weapons, and appreciated sharp visuals. For the website, the Inward web developers carried on this mission by using blue and black colors– masculine and reminiscent of the night–throughout the site. Large, bold images of the products being used and made, as well as still shots, were placed on the site, highlighting that NOCTIS continues to produce new products that stay ahead of the standard. Fonts are bold and callouts are to the point, which accompanies the confident theme.


Creative Strategist Carl Fisher states, “We wanted to highlight the gravity and importance of the products. NOCTIS strives to push innovation and performance, and so we created the images and layout to be powerful in order to maintain that brand.” Each aspect of the NOCTIS campaign has been successful and productive, speaking to the needs and expectations of the target audience.