Inward Solutions Creates New Website for Competitive Solutions

Competitive Solutions, Inc., an Alpharetta based consulting and software provider that offers clients the direction needed to find ways that drive success throughout their organizations, approached Inward Solutions to do a complete redesign of their website. The leadership at CSI and the Inward strategy, design, and content teams devised a plan that included updating the logo, making the site more user-friendly, new copy, and completely doing an overhaul of the look and feel of the website. The logo was changed, keeping the blue tone, but making it less boxy and getting rid of the additional colors. The layout of the site changed to be more organized for the reader. Punchy callouts and headlines were added to highlight the complete overhaul of the existing content.


In addition to the new CSI website having an entirely different vibe, the offerings of the company were highlighted. Inward Creative Strategist Carl Fisher states, “CSI offers both consulting and data-based consulting software. As a software company, you always need to look like you are up to date on the latest in technology. We took this information and created a site that gives potential customers the confidence that CSI can provide exactly what they need.” The new website appears more professional and portrays CSI as a company that is on the forefront of their industry.


Visit CSI by going to