Inspiration is Everywhere

Once again, I was surrounded by professionals in business casual attire, sitting at a lovely mahogany conference table and surrounded by beige walls, and they wanted me to come up with an “out of the box” creative idea for their company. On the spot. Like, right at that moment. I can’t speak for every creative type out there, but my brain does not work like that, especially if you want me to come up with something different and not inspired by beige walls and mahogany conference tables.


Creative types need to be inspired, and it doesn’t take much. Inspiration is everywhere. But, what you can’t expect is for it to pour out of us, on the spot, and front of a room of clients or in front of a computer. It doesn’t work like that. We all get stuck, but there are ways to overcome it.


Visiting the Job Site


If you are creating a website or content for a company, visit their business. Look in offices (with permission of course), see factories, talk to employees. One sentence or picture hanging on the wall can open up a whole can of ideas. It will give the creative more to go on, than a PowerPoint presentation or an old website.


Creative Work Spaces


Speaking of pictures on walls, what is on your wall? Please don’t tell me it is a green and brown landscape painting. That won’t inspire much. Workspaces should be fun, lively, and in some cases quirky. Allowing employees to decorate their individual office space also allows the creative mind to focus on what speaks to them.


Stay Connected


If you are hitting a roadblock, look into what other creatives and their peers are doing. Whether it’s reading the latest blog post or watching an interview, keep an eye out for what others in their industry have created. Something you see may inspire you.


Take a Break


After staring at the computer for hours with no ideas, it can feel like you will never meet your deadline. Even with the clock ticking, take a break. Listen to music, go for a walk, or even call a friend. You never know if something as simple as a song lyric will get those creative juices flowing. At the least, you gave your brain some time to rest.


These ideas are not cutting edge, but it does require a perspective that recognizes the value of the creative mind and makes creative employees a top priority. That may be a leap of faith for some, but it is critical to the success of your creative project.

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