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IMS Conference Materials Designed by Inward Solutions

IMS, a leading multi-national conference for microwave technologists, came to Inward Solutions for another year looking for a brand and theme for their annual event. Every year, the IMS conference is held in a different location, and highlighting to host-city is one of the key components of the gathering. Inward’s creative team has historically designed the conference materials with elements that represented each city, along with colors and fonts to support each theme, such as a surfer for Anaheim, and a pirate theme for Tampa. This year the location was San Francisco, and Inward’s designers took inspiration from the 49-Mile Scenic Drive, the designated route highlighting the city’s major attractions and natural beauty. Additional elements were placed throughout the collateral that further showcased the location and the conference, including the tagline, “Gateway to the Wireless Future,” with a map background and large photo of San Francisco. However, the core brand of IMS was still maintained.


The elements created by the Inward graphic design team were used on all corporate collateral, direct-market advertising, print advertising, stationary, IMS programs books, and signage. Inward Creative Strategist Carl Fisher states, “Keeping the new theme visible and impressive between the major components, while maintaining brand consistency is key with IMS. Sustaining a recognizable brand when highlighting a different host city every year is always a challenge, but one that I feel our design team handles perfectly.”