How to Sound like an Expert

People hire us because we are experts in marketing, in branding, in content, in SEO, and in design. People hire you because you are an expert in what you do. Where we meet in the middle is that it is our job to help others realize you are an expert.

Even if you know what you’re doing and have decades of experience under your belt, coming across confident and knowledgeable can be challenging. Projecting oneself as a specialist isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. But, you have taken the time and the risk to learn your craft, open your business, and now it is time to enter expert status and let the world know you are the authority.

Exude Confidence

Not having conviction in your words and actions can raise some red flags for your clients. Speak confidently, make a point, and think before you speak. Try your best to be articulate, don’t rush, and try to envision yourself as a peer to high-ranking leaders. If you are unsure of how you sound to others, then start by recording your performance so that you can identify areas to improve upon.

Back It Up With Expertise

Before you meet with a client, do your research. Then, let them know! Based on your findings, convey your ideas with objective facts to back it up. Speak to them in industry terms and express your opinions about happenings in their market. Guide your client with your knowledge and best practices.

Give Examples of Your Experience

When speaking with clients, let them know this isn’t the first time you’ve worked with a customer like them. Tell then what has worked well for your other clients in the real-world. Let them know you have highly relevant expertise that applies to their needs and list out the possibilities and the pros and cons of different strategies.

In closing, sounding like an expert is part psychological and part knowledge. You have to own it and play the part. Real experts make the best “experts,” so make sure you have something unique, insightful, or genuinely helpful to say to your target market.

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