How Do You Know If Your SEO Is Working?

Do you create an SEO campaign, release it to the world and just expect results? No, that is just crazy talk. SEO can be measured, and it can be measured quite easily. You just have to know what to look for and accept that nothing stays the same.


What Does Success Look Like to You?


First, and this should have been decided on before you even started your campaign, what do you want you SEO to accomplish? What kinds of conversions are you looking for? More hits to your website? More sales? More likes to your social media? Each client will have unique business goals and objectives, which will generate different performance targets. SEO isn’t just about driving more visitors to your website; it is about driving the right kind of visitors to your business.


Did You Do All the Backend Work?


Before your SEO campaign launches, your brand needs to be solid. What does that mean? Your website needs to be complete, and look good. Your social media needs to be up to date, and your team needs to be ready to handle comments and feedback. Make sure Google knows you are around. The content posted on your website also needs to focus on the user experience. When you are bogged down sliding in keywords, your message can get lost, and your site may become hard to read. Write for the person, not only for the search engine.


Now What?


Now that you know your goals and your website looks amazing, look at the numbers. Determine where the success is coming from, and don’t expect success to happen overnight. Focus on specific page views, how they got there, social shares, and comments. Look beyond algorithms and analytics. The purpose of a search engine is to provide the user the most relevant results. Each search engine has its own super-secret-algorithm, but one thing is for certain. Having keywords in place that match the user’s search terms will significantly increase your chances of being placed higher on the page.


Still Not Working?


Ranking well in the search engines is the ultimate goal for any SEO campaign. If your SEO campaign has been going on for a while and you still don’t see a return, then reevaluate. Make sure you didn’t overuse the same keyword over and over again. Don’t excessively link to sites that aren’t cohesive to the subject on your blog. Always think about the user-experience, and don’t overwhelm them with advertisements or pop-ups. Never, ever, ever, steal or repost content, and don’t add hidden text or links.


We have all accepted that SEO is not going away. It increases credibility, it costs less than other forms of advertising, and all of your competitors probably have it. However, having a successful SEO campaign requires strategy. There needs to be a purpose in mind, in every aspect of your marketing.

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