Creating consecutive tradeshow campaigns that empower your business, recognize you as a leader, and are also (gasp) fun.

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The F.A.B. Story

F.A.B. is a sales, marketing, and procurement cooperative in the foodservice industry providing exclusive services to their members. Programs that capitalize on opportunities and encourage employee retention, as well as providing branded concepts and quality brands are just some of the benefits members can take advantage of.

F.A.B. truly creates their programs with their members, customers, and their employees in mind. They are less about big business, and more about helping their members reach their goals, offering a variety of products, reducing turnover, and increasing efficiency.


When F.A.B. came to Inward Solutions to create a campaign for their annual industry trade show, Inward knew they would be going up against big name competition. Every year the theme changes for the trade show, and Inward wanted to create an engaging campaign that would connect with the audience and demand attention. In 2013, the Game Changers campaign started it all, focusing on those that truly changed the game, and most of all establishing F.A.B. as a business to notice.

For each campaign, the team just didn’t want to create a pretty sign. They thought about what it meant and how it felt to be in this business. The team also wanted it to feel fun, yet empowering for the attendees of the show. Just as the values of F.A.B. are integrity, strength, and character, Inward wanted to convey that exact message through these posters.


The theme was Game Changers and instead of focusing on F.A.B. being the game changer, the Inward team took notice that the keynote speaker had historical emphasis in their speech and came up with the idea to emphasize game changers throughout history. Although an actual picture of the figure was not included on the posters, a strong statement relating to that historical figure was included, emphasizing how they changed the game in their own time. Included were images relating to each person, such as an iPod for Steve Jobs and a crown for Julius Caesar. Marrying the past with the present, the prints were modeled after the “Keep Calm and Carry On” campaign, combining a statement that represented their business with changing the game. Six posters were created, adding a spin on the tradeshow theme.


From the success of 2013’s campaign, Inward once again decided to do multiple posters for the Boss tradeshow theme. With strong personalities again the focus, Inward highlighted fictional and historical leaders. A silhouette of each character was hand drawn by the creative team, resulting in thirteen total posters. Although Inward was excited about the product, they still felt there was an opportunity to increase interest in the campaign. The team came up with the idea to create a game. Participants were given game cards and encouraged to walk around the floor and guess who the image on each poster was, with the winner receiving a substantial prize. The introduction of the game not only enhanced interaction, but encouraged participants to walk the entire space of the show so they could view all of the prints.


The Imagine the Power theme of 2015 coincided with a large merger in the industry. Inward’s development department looked at this as an opportunity, playing with the idea that bigger is not always better. From that initial concept came the idea to fight the system, so to speak. That people in the industry have had enough of not being heard and not being respected. The creative team generated four posters with a World War II and French Revolution theme, emphasizing that F.A.B. does business the way business should be done. The posters encourage unity and purpose.

By each campaign including multiple posters, the overall campaign was more effective and created an increased interaction between participants of the tradeshow. Although each theme is different, the message is consistent over the years, highlighting the strengths and values of F.A.B.

The Solution

The Inward marketing and creative teams created three campaigns that were thought-provoking, attention-grabbing, and relevant without losing consistency. Although each campaign is different, they still maintain F.A.B.’s brand and message. All three campaigns were very successful in generating excitement and driving traffic to the F.A.B. tradeshow booth.

“Inward transcends traditional marketing, therefore, making a much bigger impact on the audience. They understand the brand and the importance of speaking and respecting the target. Because of this, they always deliver precisely what we need. Their passion, energy, and creativity have helped our organization grow immensely.”

- Georgia Barber