Did Online Web Builders Kill the Web Design Star?

Maybe you have seen the ads. Professionally designed themes! Award-winning templates! No technical skills required! Get domains, eCommerce, hosting, galleries, analytics, and 24/7 support all with the click of a button. What could go wrong?

These offerings may be tempting, especially if you are on a tight budget, but just like many things in life, you always get what you pay for. While many do-it-yourself web building sites are great if you have basic design skills, a lot of time on your hands, and don’t mind your website being slightly unoriginal. Add in that you need content, a logo, and customized graphic design work or photos for your visuals, and you’re looking at an overwhelming task (and a huge headache).

Even though the days of using Photoshop and converting them into HTML are long gone, creating websites continues to be very complicated and involved. Passing on the design sites and hiring a website design firm is the right choice for the following reasons:

Online Branding

If you have spent time and money on your logo, your content, and your visuals, why would you waste those efforts on a cookie-cutter website? Your website is a massive extension of your brand, the look and feel need to replicate what you want your image to be. Pre-made templates are not designed to further your brand and should be left to experts.


It is a misconception that content alone drives search engine optimization. Website design, structure, and maintenance are all crucial factors. In addition, the rules of SEO are always changing, and web developers continue to diversify their knowledge as these trends evolve, which is something a business owner will most likely not keep up with.

A Website Can Make or Break a Business

A website is usually the first thing a person sees when they are interested in your business. Even if you are intent on just a simple web presence, using a premade template and design basics scream amateur to your customer base. Even worse is a user-unfriendly design that frustrates your visitor and makes them look elsewhere.

Mobile Websites

Oops. You need a mobile website too, right? Even with those web building sites, translating what you designed on your computer to a mobile site doesn’t always work so well. A professional web designer is familiar with responsive design and mobile applications that will convert your website easily from the desktop.
Security and Maintenance

Any legit business needs a secure website. Not only your data, but your client’s information can be at risk, setting you up for massive repercussions if something were to happen. Hackers tend to look for vulnerable websites that have outdated security details. Many design firms will offer ongoing maintenance and security updates.

Web Design is Art

Web design is more than a simple process. It evokes a feeling from the user. Elements such as fonts, backgrounds, infographics, color schemes, videos, and layouts matter. Simple colors have an effect on people. An experienced designer will know this and suggest components that work together to impress your customer.

So while web building sites may be the best pick for some, the work of web designers will continue to be relevant for years to come.

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