Carl Fisher

James Bond Stunt Double

Creative Director / Strategist

Carl Fisher is passionate about everything marketing. The first thing you will see on his desk is an idea book because he never stops thinking about how to create the perfect campaign. As Creative Director and Strategist, he oversees the direction of all projects that come through the Inward door. Every day Carl takes on a new challenge, whether it is meeting with clients, managing the creative teams, overseeing brand development, or heading up brainstorming sessions. To him, each project is a puzzle, and it is his job to figure out where all the pieces fit.

After graduating from the University of Florida and working for various high-profile clients, Carl desired to start a company that would “get it”.  He thrives on making an impact for the companies he works with. He believes there is nothing better in the world than helping a business discover their potential, and to communicate that potential to a wider audience in a creative way. You will not find a bigger believer in the power of good, simple marketing.

Carl’s passion extends to his family and friends. On weekends, you can find him cooking up a gourmet meal for his loved ones, enjoying a glass of fine wine, or traveling the world with his wife and two beautiful daughters.