For this business, it needed to be more than creating a simple website. It needed to be a personal experience.

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The APEX Story

Apex is a cloud-based, technologically advanced company that provides payroll and HR related software solutions. Their products give their customers the tools to streamline workflow, increase profitability, and improve efficiency. They are committed to being on the forefront of technology, and their applications can be managed from anywhere in real-time.

Apex looks at what their clients need and addresses those needs in everything they roll out including scalable products, a triple-protected infrastructure, and mobile applications. They strongly believe their driving force is people including the creative minds that make the original solutions for their clients and the live and knowledgeable support team in place for customer questions.


Apex came to Inward as an established company that needed a boost with their brand. They wanted a balance of the technology vibe with something fresh. The Apex team knew that the service they provided, although important, wasn’t exciting to most. However, they are a technology company and needed to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Apex also offered a cloud-based product before most providers knew what the cloud was, is one of the first payroll companies to deliver a mobile application to their customers, and is still one of the only services to provide triple protection of customer data. Most of all, Apex is about ideas. The previous website did not convey those ideals very well. It was a boxed in, dated site that was lacking vibrancy. Photos and images were kept relatively small, and although the content wasn’t poor, it needed to be more engaging.

The Solution

Right away the boxed in layout of the previous website was tossed and in its place large, colorful imagery filled the page. The first image on the home page is that of a computer displaying the software, with the tagline “Payroll software shouldn't just do payroll. Those days are over.” From that point, a graphic displaying Apex’s staple software solutions are displayed using a rollover feature. Punchy callouts like “You want awesome. We do awesome,” and “Every machine has a brain, meet ours,” leads into relevant and stimulating content.

Inward wanted to drive home the fact that everyone who uses the Apex software is changed for the better by it. From the small business owner who wants to take a weekend vacation with his family, to the employee that really needs his paycheck on time. The callout “Go on a plane. Take a trip. Sit on the beach. Eat dinner in Rome. Doesn’t matter, we are everywhere,” was added, as well as images and photos to support this major selling feature of Apex software.

Next, a Tour page was included which gave the reader a glimpse into each of Apex’s state-of-the-art solutions. However, Inward was careful not to go into too much detail, making the page mundane to the reader. Images of the software in use accompanied the explanations, as well as callouts for each.

Apex Tour Page

For the About Us page, Inward wanted to focus on the people of Apex. Instead of using stock images, a photoshoot was directed by the Inward team and the imagery found on that page are all photographs of the Apex staff working together. It is on this page that the emphasis is on people and their ideas at Apex.

News, Partners, and Contact pages were also included. All encompassed the look and feel of the other core pages with their bold text and large imagery.

This new responsive website is more user- friendly, emotional, punchy, and relationship focused. The content and visuals stand out, and conveys that Apex has a passion for creating software solutions that drive business.