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A New Website for OnePoint Created by Inward Solutions


OnePoint, one of the nation’s leading full-service utility management companies, has worked with Inward Solutions, an Alpharetta web design company, for years on various marketing collateral and approached the web design team to create a new and updated site. A fundamental challenge was that the company works with two distinct target markets. B2B monitors provider bills and addresses maintenance issues, and the B2C division gives consumers options to pay their utilities based on their individual needs. This new responsive website had to appeal to both.


The Inward team determined that just because people just don’t love utilities, didn’t mean the website should be dull. Even though the site should appeal to two markets, the theme of customer care and making people’s lives easier should resonate mutually. Inward also wanted the look to be vibrant and came up with a logo with four bright colors chosen as pillars pointing to one single point. These colors were repeated throughout the site and graphics. A video was created, emphasizing that it was ok not to like utilities and that OnePoint’s goal was to make your life simple. The tagline Simplify Your Life was generated. Content was produced that made services more reader friendly and useful with callouts and catchy headlines. The last step was making the website responsive, so that the company could have a truly mobile friendly site and position them as a technologically savvy business.


In the end, two websites were created so that each could speak to a particular client, but the brand stays consistent, and the themes of customer service and conservation are included on both. “OnePoint considers unmatched customer care and accurate resident billing to be the utmost importance.” Inward Creative Strategist Carl Fisher states, “Both sites have the same enthusiasm, as to not disturb the overall brand, but Inward produced content and custom graphics on each that are very different and speak to the particular customer.” Overall, the websites provide an engaging experience for both B2C and B2B audiences.


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