Dealing with a Client that Doesn’t Share Your Vision

In marketing, it isn’t all that uncommon to not see eye to eye with a client. While you may have been hired for your creative thinking and innovative ideas, your customer may have a hard time giving up control of their brand. As we’ve discussed before, trust is a key factor in moving forward with lasting and productive client relationships. But, what if trust is lost? What if you really cannot see eye to eye? Is it time to cut your losses, or can this relationship be saved?


Marketing firms, like any business, needs customers. Gaining a new client is exponentially more expensive than keeping an existing one. And, too many unhappy clients equal earning a bad reputation. While there are always exceptions where you really should jump ship and let someone else deal with the headache of a demanding customer, there are ways to try and save the relationship.


Give Them Your Ear


Maybe you think you have been listening, but are you respecting their opinion? In marketing, it is easy to want to get crazy creative and caught up in the newest and trendiest happening. The truth is many times these options are not right for your customer. Show your clients that you are paying attention to their business by matching their needs with the appropriate media.


Beg for Forgiveness


Ok, maybe not like on your hands and knees begging, but it is ok to admit you may have been wrong about something and you are hoping they will give you another chance. Marketing campaigns don’t always go as planned. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can hinder their success, or sometimes you actually did run the campaign into a wall. It happens. But, owning it will do a lot more good than blaming someone or something else.


Show the Love


Customers want to feel important. They want to feel appreciated. A little love thrown their way won’t hurt anyone. Communication is imperative. Building relationships are all about communicating. Speak regularly so that you’re aware of problems or upcoming needs and always look for ways to help your customers.

Every client we work with is unique. Every relationship we build is personal. Every product we brand is matchless. At Inward, we don’t run our clients over and over through a streamlined process. There is nothing processed in our marketing. We listen. We collaborate. We create branding campaigns, web applications, custom web design, and graphic design that get people talking.