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How Long Should Your Campaign Last?

Deciding how long your marketing campaign should last is one of the biggest challenges business owners have. They have spent countless hours, money, and brainpower working with their agency and crafting the perfect campaign. It is no wonder that they would like it to run for as long as possible. But, it is not possible for us all to be Chick-fil-A and bank on our cows bringing home the bucks year after year. The majority of campaigns have a shelf-life, and then it is time to start from square one and do it all over again.
Your audience, most of the time, wants to see something new. When you are focusing on one message, it can get stale. Sometimes your marketing campaigns will need a complete overhaul in strategy – determining who your target audience is and what tactics you will use. Other times, your plan may remain the same, but only your messaging, images, or execution changes. Some campaigns may use different media; some may only have slight changes to visuals. In any case, you need to maintain your brand while giving the reader something new to look at.
Branding that concentrates on one particular product or event has an even faster expiration date. It is estimated that it takes six weeks for consumers to retain information, so in those cases where you obviously will need to move on to another strategy, this should be your time limit.
Instead of trying to keep up with the pace, coming up with a promotional calendar at the beginning of the year can keep you on track. Streamlining your concepts with graphs and imagery can make your annual vision easier to develop and keep everything organized. Decide on the generic designs of your campaign and which media you are interested in. Define specific goals and your action steps on how to reach these aims. And, determine how you will measure your results and use those results to modify your ongoing strategy.
You have spent a lot of time and money on your campaign. The trick is not to waste it. Don’t run it too long, but don’t pull it before it’s ready. It is all about meeting the needs and motivators of your target audience.

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