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HandyTrac’s Website Gets a Modern Redesign by Inward Solutions

As a company providing central control for apartments, student, and military housing, protecting over 3 million units across over 800 companies, HandyTrac needed a website that conveyed the progressive technology they were selling. Their former site was dated and had a boxy layout, minimal content, and wasn’t user-friendly on mobile devices. The leadership approached Inward to give them an updated look and to make the website more advanced. Inward Solutions’s Alpharetta web design and development team changed the layout to be more long-form and scrollable, therefore, making it simple for all users to find information. They also cut the number of page links on the homepage and added content throughout to help with SEO. HandyTrac’s brand and signature colors of blue and yellow were emphasized on the new website as well, this time more prominently as dividers and images on the pages. The creative team also decided to add photographs of the actual products so that potential customers had a better idea of HandyTrac’s offerings.


HandyTrac has worked with a good amount of businesses, and so Inward added logos of their customers scrolling on the homepage, as well as a video. Carl Fisher, Inward’s Creative Strategist, explains, “The old website was not only dated, but hard for users to navigate. Our primary goal was not only creating a visually appealing site, but providing potential customers a much more user-friendly experience.” The result is not only an updated look, but a website that equals the technology the company has to offer.